@A Smile : there is a mismatch between screenshot and the tactic tested. The tactic tested is for right flank play but the screenshot is for left flank play
gj! never seen a 4-2-4 with this low AG.
Merry Christmas fams!
interesting shape and easy to do squad building with this one. Can you try with overlaps?
letsgo9 said: Too much useless stuff we should keep it simple :angel:

I am surprised that removing run at defence had this minimal impact
Based on this https://fm-arena.com/thread/6609-433-triple-threat/

Changed CMA -> CMS
Removed Flank play
Removed Overlap
:( maybe flanks and underlap
I know this is the case based on consistency and important matches hidden attribute but I didn’t know that morale had an impact on that because I have seen unhappy player getting more than 7 match rating. So never made that correlation
man, MEZ got dumped on. i still believe CM on roam from position is much better than MEZ. Maybe give it a go.
damn! gj!
Tweak to this tactic https://fm-arena.com/thread/7748-4132-ss-overload/. Moved AF -> DM for defensive solidity.
Another formation not found in FM-Arena. Looks good based on my testing, very aggressive. Meta TI and PI
Fusion between https://fm-arena.com/thread/6879-424-deformation-ii/ and https://fm-arena.com/thread/7223-424-quadrowave-x-4/.

Moved the DLP -> CM

Literally won everything, if not for the 10 points deduction.
Fusion between 442 narrow diamond and flat 433 with all meta TI and PI. Was debating if I should call it as 4312 or 433 but went with 433.

Didn't see this formation in FM-Arena, I believe it's a good one with no DM's.
433 Midfield Maestros.fmf
Downloaded : 16 times
Uploaded : Dec 9, 2023
OMG, i know its bad, but this is something!
I have atleast 4 different tactics with this formation which i tested from my end and it just sucks. If you look at this formation https://fm-arena.com/thread/6609-433-triple-threat/ which got a score of 53 and all i did was move the AF -> SS or AM and the score drops very significantly. Didnt even bother releasing that in FM-Arena. I gave up on this one, curious if other are up for the challenge.
@Chris : if possible, please add what got changed to the OP, is it based on your previous tactic and all you changed was double vol or did you base it on another tactic in this platform and if so some changelog will be helpful. the only way to know how this is better than the 424 black ice (previous top scorer for 424) is to download the tactic.
Kudo for withstanding 4k! Can't even say I am surprised, this tactic is real solid!
Zippo said: Here's our testing algorithm for the current patch(24.2.0):

- the top tactic gets 4,000 matches
- all tactics in Hall Of Fame get 2,400 matches
- all other tactics get 1,200 matches

Thanks @Zippo  that answered my question.