nator said: I saw a list a few days before that shows the best traits for every role in every position but I dont know if they have test it or something

I think it's very situational and depends on the tactic you plan to use. In my case, I like to only train traits that reinforce some instruction from the role.
CR7THEGOAT said: Hey Zaz, i have a question. If I change camera settings for 2D change something? In some sites people say when they change the quality of the tactic change… and your tactic is a monster tactic , the goat 😂
Thanks by the way and sorry for my English

I don't think it changes anything other than player view. It's the same match happening, using the same match engine, and you can even watch the match in different views over and over again. I believe it's just a fake rumour.
TactocTestor said: Thanks do you think it's a good idea to teach everyone look for pass rather than attemtping to score?

I don't know since I have never tested it.
TactocTestor said: How is the tactic performance if i change mentality to very attacking?

It drops. This tactic is already extremely attacking, so it's better to keep it that way.
I believe they are just skipping tactics too similar to something already tested. That means the more they test, the less there is to be tested.
Pepito said: Hello,

Thanks a lot for this tactic. I used to play a lot to the FM21 version. I had great results without using training schedules, I just let the assistant manage this.
Are the results good without training schedule posted by Zaz ?

Sorry for my poor english

Testing training schedules is very difficult, because there are multiple objectives to training, like developing players, improving team performance in the current season, reducing injuries and allowing enough rest to repeat the same team when needed. Anyway, I don't think the influence of training schedule is so big, so you can leave it to assistant manager if you feel more comfortable that way.
saitjerome said: Since there isn't any statistic that shows possession, do you know any tactic that would suit me :P

I believe this one would have better possession than Blue:

You can also try Green 5.0, which is essentially the same.
saitjerome said: Really appreciate that u gave a value to respond that long. According to "but some people forget that we are talking about the best Barcelona of all times, with at least three or four players that would figure in any list of best players in history." that sentence i'd say xavi, iniesta, etc. were already playing but they weren't considered as "world's best players". When pep took the charge and adapted his players at the second half of the league then people turned their eyes to barcelona and impressed of their "tiki-taka" magic.

As short, i believe that tactic makes players better not the players(at some point yes). I know every person has their own idea about football, like my friend absolutely in love with counter attack which i hate. I've tried many tactics to make it real tiki-taka on FM match engine but it doesn't work. Maybe i better stick with the tactic called "score more than your opponent" to be successful. :D

About a tactic making players better, I agree, but the other way is also true. If you check the last champions from UEFA Champions League, they have been teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea and Liverpool, none of them known for putting emphasis in possession. Sure, there was a title from Barcelona and one from Bayern Munich, but they seem to be more of an exception than the rule.

Like I said before, I have nothing against positional play, but I like when possession converts into chances created. If a team has 90% of possession but created only two clear chances of goal, then it is less attacking than a team that defended the whole match and got five clear chances from counter attacks.

Anyway, you should probably check for a tactic with good possession and score over 6.0, that will be enough to win most championships.
saitjerome said: i love the number of passes completed by my team. It shows dominance imo.

In my opinion, and that's just an opinion, the objective of football is to score more goals than opposition. There are several ways to achieve that, but anything you do in the field should contribute to use space better to score goals and avoid conceding.

That being said, passing is one of the mechanics that can potentialize a tactical style, but I can't see "completing several passes" as a good metric for entertaining football. For example, I prefer to look at clear chances created and clear chances conceded.

Anyway, I believe Barcelona from Messi created an illusion that Tiki-Taka is better than other styles, because they really dominated most opponents, but some people forget that we are talking about the best Barcelona of all times, with at least three or four players that would figure in any list of best players in history. However, teams have dominated the field with very different tactics both before and after that Barcelona.

P.S.: I'm not saying you can't win with high passing tactics, just that I don't think that metric should define a tactic. You can use very short passing with this tactic, but it will lose performance. Maybe you would have better success with another tactic with more players in the midfield, like this.
saitjerome said: Is "much shorter passing" viable?

In short, it lowers the performance. Why would you want to have much shorter passing?
Keshk said: @ZaZ  Can u upload ur training schedule files (pre-1-2) pls :love:
It's 2031, so it's hard to judge. If you played Fulham from first season, then your team is probably way stronger than the rest.
To be fair, youth setup is more useful in real life than in FM. If you play ten seasons, you will get at most two or three players that are worth using. Meanwhile, you can get very good youth players from other team and use them instead, possibly for a cheaper price than you pay to keep a state of the art youth setup running.

P.S.: Just to be clear, it's very useful to have good training facilities to develop the players in your main squad, I just never saw much benefit in youth setup (youth facilities, coaching, recruitment and youth level). Unlike real life, FM doesn't have strong competition for young talents, so it's not so hard to hire the best from other teams.
kjordafen said: Of course not, just weird that so many using narrow and strikerless tactics when most of the top tactics uses strikers and wingers :)

If I post videos of how I became champion of Premier League playing with Blue or any other top tactic, people will say "Great thing, even a monkey can do that in vacation mode". However, If I post a video showing how I won everything with a novel goalkeeperless tactic, then everyone will watch it. Youtube is about entertaining, not about showing the best tactics.
kjordafen said: Seen a lot of streamers and friends using narrow tactics lately and performing well. But this keep being a top tactic. Have you tested something of a strikerless and/or narrow tactic?

It's not like the top tactics will start performing worse just because some people started playing narrow or strikerless. Anyway, new tactics are tested every day, you can just check the tactic testing log.
Grimlock said: Do you think Libero would work better in the middle than regular defenders roles?

Yes, Libero worked better in all my experiments with 3 defenders.

P.S.: Yellow didn't go very well, so people should use this tactic instead:
Nikko said: How is it going? Any results yet? :)

Just added. It's probably not gonna be anything special, I would be happy if it reached close to 6.0. However, there's this tactic that already got tested and is probably better.
Solaris said: Hi,

Could you post screenshots of the tactic and result? Thanks in advance.

Sure. I still have to run it to get results. I didn't save them since I wasn't going to post the tactic.
@valerienismael, I have uploaded Yellow 3.0, as you requested.
G1102 said: So i promoted to the PL back to back using ZaZ 4.0 .
This is where things became difficult.
I tried using the same tactic but the results were dreadful. First 13 matches i started to think i'm going to get relegated.
But then i made the switch tot ZaZ 4.0 Solid and just started to spam NO Pressure and praise after goals and that did the trick.
Results started to look good again.
It seems that first season in the PL you can't go employ a positive mindset tactic.
I regret not making the change sooner as i would have probably be in the running for european places.
The loses and draw in the club form are against livepool both home and away and a draw against man utd at home. Last two wins against leichester and tottenham away.

It might also just be that you had a bad spell of games, by random factors that you couldn't control. Sometimes it happens and it can last several games. Anyway, good that you manage to hold on Premier!