WesleySantiago said: @ZaZ where can i see my stronger side and opponent weaker side?

Just check the quality of your wingback + winger. Same for your opponent. If your main winger broke your leg and you have to play a youngster with 16 years old, then your strong side is probably the opposite.

You can also check in the Data Hub to see where most goals come from. If one side clearly creates more goals than the others, that's a hint.
ArsenalHighbury said: thank you, do you do the same for the reserve and youth teams?

Yes. If you set up training and resting for youth and reserve, they grow much faster.
ArsenalHighbury said: What do you mean by automated resting? How do you do it?

Training > Rest > No pitch or gym work for players bellow excellent condition. You can see a picture of that a couple of posts above.
sangarios said: i think i have found the problem , i have been giving duty of touchline instructions to assistant manager since the beginning so that he can handle the shouts in match. but now i think that he was changing tactic's instructions all the time and this is the reason of my poor results. what do you think about that? is it possible? @ZaZ

I don't know how it works, but 99% of advice from assistant manager during matches is bad stuff, like "we should play with defensive mentality" if the opponent is stronger. If he is applying those instructions, then your performance will definitely suffer.
johnconnerson said: For the main Blue 4.0 tactic (or any of these really) is it recommended to alter the player instructions to fit my player's skill sets? Or should I leave it as is?

Leave as it is.
Lampochka97 said: Very Very very very bad

Instead of just saying "Very Very very very bad", I would recommend you say something like "It didn't perform very well on my tests". It sounds less rude.
Falbravv said: I saw this on Twitter, i think it's a good idea, but i also like the "easy" side of all the tips.
But trust me, i will be the first reader of this guide.

Probably should start with a summary section, so people can check everything easily.
Falbravv said: No problem for me here to win Ligue 1 with Marseille the first year. Beat PSG on domestic league, on supercup, and europa supercup (because of PSG CL winner, and i Europa winner).

With my own experience and all the great great great advice from Zaz i find it easy now to perform as you want.

I also take a large part on youth development, to do what i really want to obtain for young men

Gratz! I'll try to organize all those tips from first post into a more in-depth guide for FM23.
Bogeyman said: A 20 points difference in CA is a huge difference in FM.

There's about a 20 points difference between Manchester Utd and Norwich but we all know how easy it's to win EPL with Manchester Utd and how hard it's to do that with Norwich.

Here's the CA of the default Manchester Utd team:

and here's the CA of the default Norwich team:

It might be just because I consider most players with ability close to 150 as world class players, and since his team is mostly on that range, I think he might be able to win the league. However, it's like you said, it's still the difference between a top team from Premier League and a bottom team, so the normal should be not winning.
Zippo said: Hey there,

I would not say that the difference of 10-20 points in CA isn't very high

Here's a simple example:

With the default attributes the tactic gets "63" score -

But when we decrease "Acceleration" by 4 points across the positions then the CA also decreases only by 5-6 points but the score drops from "63" to "39"

So I'd say the difference of 10-20 points in CA is a huge difference and if you improve the CA of your players by 20 points then it'll greatly boost your results

I meant 10-20 difference in CA, given he is picking players with the most efficient attributes. If he is lacking in those more efficient, then it is definitely a lot. =)
sangarios said: thank you both for your helps. i have shared gs squad screen's of chelsea and my team. what do you think about my squad, is it enough after 7 seasons? my main problem in league is that chelsea is collecting more than 90 points every fckn season and when it comes to matches with them, i cant just help it but lose or draw thanks to mbappe :D
the worst thing about playing with instant result is i cant change the tactic upon situation of the match, i have been using green 5.0 since the start, and i'm losing most of the points to the teams that i should have won easily, like they are getting ahead 1-0 and i'm still playing with green instead of blue.

I think it is good enough to be champion. The point of having a good tactic (like any tactic 6.0+ in FM-Arena) is to overachieve or get better results than your team would normally allow. The difference of 10-20 points in CA isn't very high, so you should have a good chance to win if you manage your squad properly. The problem is, since you are using instant results, then you are basically skipping the management part, and that removes one of the main advantages players have over AI controlled teams.
sangarios said: thank you for answer. so i have been playing with bolton for 7 seasons and (with instant result mostly, i am only playing critical matches by myself) and i got 0 trophies :D . i have lost the champions league in final 3 times in a row and i got 2nd position in premier league 3 times in a row again. is this results ok or am i doing something wrong?(my pre-season prediction was 7th last year)

There are two different answers to your question. First, it is what Milakus just said. If you are predicted 7th and you reached the final of Champions League and got 2nd place in Premier League, that is overachieving, so it is a good result.

The second answer is that after seven years building a team (I imagine four or five in the Premier League), you should already be strong enough to win it if you did correctly. It is normal to not win in the first two or three seasons, since most good players do not want to join your side when you just got promoted from lower division. However, when that stops being an issue and you already have most players you want, then you should start winning the league. If your team is good and you did not win yet, it is either because you did not hire very good players, or because you did not do a good job managing their mental condition (morale and team shouts) and physical condition (condition, match fitness, fatigue and injuries).

P.S.: Playing without instant results would probably help, since you can keep the players motivated with shouts, give good team speeches on half time, and you can use substitution to improve the performance of your team (assistant manager likes to keep injured players on the field).
I have added a new piece of information to the first post:
"Use Focus Play Down the Left/Right whenever you have an advantage on that side, (when your opponent has a weakness on that side, or when one of your flanks is clearly stronger than the other). Do not bother with Focus Play Through The Middle, as it does not give any benefit even when your opponent has a weak midfield."
Footballenjoyer said: Just want to say it's really cool and thank you for sharing even though its been months.

Its really too bad the test was done with IWBs instead of WBs... or other roles in other position that are very different that the roles tested, would have been interesting to find out how much the weight changes.

I wish there were more people that could do this kind of test. FM-Arena does an awesome job already, and some other people like @Mark and Evidence Based FM also give nice contribution. However, not everyone has the resources (either time or a free computer) to do those experiments, so we have to live with what we have.
Tip to @Zippo or another owner, put the download link by the top of this page, with 10 arrows pointing to it like the picture below.
GROSDINGO said: Yes yes, I already do that

Then it should work. No idea why it's going so bad for you. I mean, even playing without goalkeeper, it should be pretty hard for Aston Villa to end the league on 19th.
Middleweight165 said: Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Do you have any tips for keeping match load/fatigue down? I'm using you rest recommendations and your training but my players are getting injured because the match load is Heavy. I am playing 2 matches a week and rotating every player but the match load, fatigue and injury risk is always high

Match load is influenced only by matches in the previous two weeks (or something like that). It is not affected by training or resting. That means if your match load is heavy, then you either have to rotate more, or live with it. It's normal to happen around the middle of the season, when you have multiple tournaments to play.
Middleweight165 said: Thanks for the reply. So as long as there positional circle indicator is at least dark green I'm ok? I read in another of your replies, you train your CMs in AM and ST, is that simply to get the positional rating to dark green? If the players are already green in both positions is it irrelevant which position they train in?

Yeah, I train to get the position rating, because that has high influence on performance. Dark green is good enough to play matches without hindering the team but becoming natural (light green) will increase performance further.
Middleweight165 said: @ZaZ why do you say the effect of tactical familiarity for pos/role/duty is minimal? Doesn't it lower the effectiveness of the tactic?

In my experiments, there was barely any change on win rate when training players in different positions. I tested with wingbacks and wingers in opposite sides, and two CMs training as AM and ST. I also didn't notice any difference in performance for those players training in different position. It is also easier to build a squad when you don't need to worry about what side your winger or wingback plays. The main advantage, however, is that Green is better than Solid Blue, allowing you to use two very strong tactics for different situations.
johnconnerson said: Can someone compare results from ZaZ's schedule to these?

Mine is better. The author of those videos (which is a very nice guy) didn't consider automatic resting, so he has lots of "idle" training to make it practical during a normal season. If he considered automatic resting, then it would probably be very similar to mine. Automatic resting allows players that didn't participate in the match to keep training, which is obviously ideal.

To be clear, my training schedule is inspired by his results, so he deserves credits for that. I just picked the best sessions of his results and made further experiments based on that. In other words, he narrowed what I had to test, since it would be impossible for me to test everything.