Falbravv said: Thanks a lot, i try it now !

Let me know how it goes mate. I am hoping you now have what you were after
Falbravv said: Hope it'll help

The information exist on GS, but i think it's impossible to see it in columns.
It's my only request.

I noticed you are managing Holstein Kiel. I play golf here in Australia with a mate who was born in Kiel, so I have played them a few times as well. Good fun getting them to Bundesliga and then challenging Bayern for the title. Good luck and let me know how you go.
Falbravv said: If you want to test something to go close, i promise you to use it :woot:

Thanks for the answer

Here is the formula that is very close to the mark. I only tested it against Wingers downloading data to Excel. In the formula A1 is the location of the rating you want to manipulate and B1 is the location of the position score out of 20. Down to about 10 out of 20 the derived score was within 0.1-0.2% of the general rating score. Below that the variance tends to blow out a fair bit.


I am sure the calculation could be simplified but I haven't had much time to work on it.


I now have it all within 0.1% and is working across all the positions.

Here is the updated formula, it seems like there are 2 cut off points, position score below 5, position score below 10:


General Ratings calculations in Excel

Genie Scout General Ratings

Falbravv said: If you want to test something to go close, i promise you to use it :woot:

Thanks for the answer

I will have something for you in a couple of days.
Falbravv said: Hope it'll help

The information exist on GS, but i think it's impossible to see it in columns.
It's my only request.

Yes, it is one of the fields you cant get access to. I can derive it down to about 10 out of 20. Beyond that I have nothing. If you are only interested in the players and their positions that have 10+ for positions I think I can go close. Otherwise I am sorry but I cant help
Falbravv said: I don't think I explained well enough.

In GS, when choosing the columns to see the player's level on a POSITION, this number is affected (decreased?) by the position rating. It can be very useful but I don't want this note to be affected by the position note.

So when I go to the player's file, there is indeed an OVERALL RATING, which presents the ABSOLUTE rating of the player on the position, without being affected by his ability to evolve, and it is exactly this rating that interested, but no column seems to present this.

I therefore have to go and visualize player by player his ability to evolve in this position, even if his position score is 0 or 5 or 10.

I hope I was clearer, sorry again.

Sorry mate I really don't understand. Can you post an image that includes the field you are looking at in the players file and identify the field name and I will have a further look at it

Falbravv said: Hi all, i have a simple question.

I've read it all, many times, here and on other sites, I'm passionate about the work done by the members here, but I have a simple request.
My way of looking for players on Genie Scout is as follows: I use the 50 minus 25 zaz balanced by Mark, as I much prefer a filter that maximizes important attributes rather than a balance that can lead to misinformation.
Now I encounter a problem with this magnificent filter: I would like to have the raw rating (general rating) which does not modify the rating according to the affinity with the position.
Because I want to be able to manage this problem on my side and decide to teach the player the new position. But I would like the general note to come out directly, I find it easier to find players who can stick to several positions.
I hope my request is clear, and if this filter already exists, I apologize, I'm not English and I may have missed a subtlety.

thank you again for the exceptional and exciting work done here.

Edit: i haven't mentionned that maybe the problem is the choice of column in my GS, but i haven't find a column which gave me this General Note without balance of positionning.

I am not sure I understand what you are after. For clarification, balanced just means I have attempted to even out the positional ratings. If you just use the raw attribute ratings from the machine learning numbers some positions end up with much higher ratings than other positions.

Here is the layout view that I use. It has the positional rating for each position and their ability out of 20 for each position.

Layout View

You just need to stick this in the C:\FM Genie Scout 22g\Layouts folder and then select it in Genie Scout. You might need to restart GS, I am not sure.

The best rating will tell you how good a player they are in general. If you manage to bring up their ability for the position you want to use them in to 20, their positional rating will be maximised for that position.

I hope that helps
Enok said: I am not understanding are this attributes more important than the other u posted up which show which attributes can improve.Can u plaese explain.

@Middleweight165 and @Enok sorry for the delay I have been away. These are calculated using the attribute costs as well as most important.
Middleweight165 said: Is this still applicable @Mark? I know it was published before the chinese results were published

After the machine learning results I applied the same logic and now use:

Position    Focus
GK    GK Reactions
DC    Quickness
DRL    Endurance
DM    Passing
MRL    Quickness
AMRL    Quickness
MC    Passing
AMC    Quickness
ST    Ball Control
Zippo said: At some point when I have a bit more more free time I'll make a detailed post about the players development and training.

Any progress on this @Zippo
Middleweight165 said: @Mark Do you know how Team Rating is calculated in GS? It doesn't seem to change if I load a different ratings file

Thanks, I only wanted to compare my team with others but its just a curiosity. If it requires work, its not that important :)

Whats your thoughts on training? Ive always subscribed to the quickness and reflexes approach, but i think there might be a better way now we have this info

If you want to compare your team with other teams in your league you can open the dialog box for your team and go to Tactics (as per the method in my last post), you can see your teams rating. by pressing the left or right arrow on your keyboard you will move through the teams that are on the list page and be able to see their ratings for comparison.

I did a thread on training a while back and tested a few well renowned training routines.

Training thread

Have a read, it might give you some ideas.
Middleweight165 said: @Mark Do you know how Team Rating is calculated in GS? It doesn't seem to change if I load a different ratings file

I have always had a problem with the Club ratings. I calculate my own. If you select the club and bring up the dialog box and go to Tactics it will show you the team rating. You can select different formations or select the best 5 formations for your side. These ratings are based on the ratings file. I do disagree with their calculations where there is such a minor adjustment for not being Natural for a position. This is why I calculate my own.
Middleweight165 said: Sorted now thanks!

I've run into another problem though. I can't export shortlists from GS. DO you have this issue? I had no problem export a .slf file in FM21 but now they dont appear.

There is a way to do this. First a bit of background. This used to work but a few years back FM changed their file format from .slf files to .fmf files. GS has never caught up to that, I suspect there is a fair bit of programming work involved.

Firstly check you know where the shortlists are stored, default directory in Windows is C:\Users\<<Username>>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\shortlists.

If you only want to bring in a handful of players or less there is some very easy functionality. After you have found a player you are interested in double click on the line the player is on in GS. A pop up box will be brought up for that player with more detail.

If you hover your mouse over the name in the pop up box it will say "Click to copy name to clipboard". Click the name. Now go back to FM. In middle top of most skins it will tell you what page you are on - Home, Inbox, Squad etc. If you click there you can paste the player name. FM will search for the player. Select the player if it brings back more than one, make sure the players age, team and position are the same. You can now make an offer for the player or save them in shortlists if you want.

If you have a heap of players you want to bring across to FM, firstly create the shortlist you want to make, and ensure it is in the correct directory.

Second, download FMRTE (the free version works you don't need to pay for it) and load your game.

1. At the top of FMRTE it says "shortlists" click on it
2. Click on load shortlist
3. Load the shortlist from FM genie scout into FMRTE
4. Highlight a player in the shortlist and press ctrl+A (to select every player in your shortlist)
5. In the bottom right there is an option to click which allows you to save the shortlist
6. Save as a new shortlist.

Now you can import the new shortlist you created into FM.

Summary - make the shortlist in FMGS, import shortlist into FMRTE, save shortlist in FMRTE then import into FM via FM itself.
Middleweight165 said: Thanks for such a detailed reply. I have uploaded your balanced ratings file into Genie Scout. Can I ask does your file override the existing file or do i need to load it in when Im in GS? I copied the file into the ratings folder in the C drive. When clicking between your ratings file and the old one 'Football Manager 2016', the ratings dont seem to change, so I'm wondering if it has automatically updated to yours

Make sure you downloaded the right Ratings file - link is at post #103 in this thread.

Link to ykykyky balanced Ratings file

The standard place for Genie Scout ratings files is C:\FM Genie Scout 22g\Ratings. If you did a custom install it will be in a folder called Ratings under the FMGS install directory. Once you have copied the file to the correct location you should be able to select my ratings file by clicking on the GS symbol in the top left of the screen, and then clicking Ratings in the drop down menu, and then ykykyky balanced from the sub menu.

Below is the link to the place in this thread where I shared the FM22 default ratings file - post #33.

Link to default file

The problem with trying to produce a ratings file based on the attributes testing from FM Arena is that the for each player will be the same for each position. The only thing that will then impact is the adjustment for their positional rating out of 20 ie you need to multiply their GS Rating by 100% minus the difference between 20 and their positional rating multiplied by 2.5%. For example if their GS rating is 50% and their positional rating is 19, it is 20 - 19= 1 multiplied by 2.5% is 2.5%. Take this off 100% = 97.5% multiplied by 50.00% is 48.75%.

I will give it a go though for a comparison against ykykyky and the default.
ZaZ said: I leave this question for @Mark since he is the boss in attribute filters. Maybe you can ask him to test the filter from FM-Arena vs the filter from Chinese guys and compare performance between them.

@Middleweight165 I have a few comments around your observations above. The FM Arena attribute tests were against all positions in the side so not by position. The machine learning tests were against each of the positions in the ZaZ Blue tactic, GK, DR, DC, DL, DM, MR, MC, ML and ST.

I have tested using the Machine learning findings in positional filters o Genie Scout and find them to be very good. The best players from my team at the end of the season are the ones that were found and are at the top of the list when I use the ratings file.

I also know that if you just use acceleration to pick strikers and wingers you will generally get decent players as I have tried this before. Your observation was that Work Rate was higher for the DM. This is correct and it is worth noting that this is the only position where Work Rate is higher than Acceleration for any of the Machine learning positional analysis. My DMs don't tend to have as high Acceleration numbers as my attacking players.

If you look at the Machine learning numbers for DM, there are values against 36 attributes, so the 90 rating for Work Rate is around 6.2% of the overall rating for that position. You can see from that, if you just pick a DM on the highest rated attribute for the position it might not work too well and it certainly wouldn't be in keeping with what the Machine learning analysis was trying to get across to us. Also, if you chose players using Acceleration and Pace (which tend to be reasonably close numbers for most players), combined they total around 9.3% of the overall rating for the DM position.

I would suggest you use the Genie Scout ratings file it makes it easy and you can compare how all players rate for particular positions you are interested in. I also posted the ratings file on FM Scout. Here is an extract of the response I received:

"I must say that this filter gives way better ratings than the default ratings which comes with Genie Scout. The reason is, I see way more players which perform in-game better than the rest with your filters.

I really thank you for your effort and sharing this! Now I can buy players without having to pray for them to perform in-game"
nator said: I saw a list with the best attributes in every role some day before but because I cant find it I want to ask from your experience whats the best traits for an AF?

Any Fast Striker role

100 Acceleration
80 Finishing
75 Dribbling
70 Pace
65 Technique
65 Stamina
60 Work Rate
50 First Touch
50 Balance
50 Anticipation
TactocTestor said: The highest score tactic for fm22 is 65 compared to 83 for fm21, so I think tactics have been nerfed quite a lot in this version?

FM Arena changed their testing league approach this year. You can read about it below.

Testing League Changes
This might be of interest to you in terms of player development in the game

Zippo advice
Are you placing them in the correct folder. For me the location is:

C:\FM Genie Scout 22g\Ratings
Enok said: In Your opinion which is the best update rating file and can you post the link?

See post 103 on page 4.