Antal said: This is excellent. But now I always dreamed of choosing different tactics for each opponent. Neutralizing their strong positions and realize my best sides. It is not very fun to play only one tactic. Playing in one championship of the team of almost the same level, but when you play in the Cup and go far by playing Vanarama South by amateur club, there you need to make a miracle and make some money a lot of luck and tactics that will perfectly work in this game.

Instead of changing tactics for each game I try and analyse weaknesses and pick my team to attack the identified weakness. My squad is generally around 30 players. I have Best XI, 2nd XI, Fastest, Biggest, and Most Potential based on stats and GS Ratings. I also have Firsts and Seconds with the Firsts having biggest CBs and one big forward with two fast forwards and the fastest wingers I have. The Seconds is the best players form the remaining squad.

I find this makes it more interesting than just playing your best eleven with the same tactic for each game. I also alter tactics through the game. I usually drop the defensive line and play Cautious for the first 10 to 15 minutes before moving to the default for the tactic I use. And then tweak the tactic depending on how the game is playing out.
FreddyAdu said: Wouldn't the players get really tired from that?

You use the @ZaZ  approach of setting all players to no gym or pitch work if they are not at full fitness
This is what I was after, highest goal scoring tactic that is easy to move to from our current leading tactic, just move DM to AM. I am now training my AMs to be DMs and vice versa.
It was something like, you put in match days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Upload the schedule into the calendar and put match Practice into the other days, then when the matches come along you can add the Match Practice to the other days. Then just copy to the other weeks.
This is a minor tweak to @Delicious Hall of Fame Undervolt XIII tactic.

I have moved the DM forward to an AM role to provide more attacking formation. I am really just looking for a new tactic to use when you need goals if you use his tactic.

The AM is given the role of Advanced Playmaker Support.

I tested with Bournemouth and Kettering and both performed well above expectations with Kettering who were expected to be relegated scoring 148 goals for the season to win the League.

Bournemouth also topped the scoring with 96 goals for the season.

Great work
KBB said: Brilliant stuff.

Thats pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Am I also right in that as a young player develops their CA towards their PA and attributes improve that their best position % might change to a new position eg a winger might develop full back beneficially attributes over winger attributes and as a result FMscout will say they would be a better FB than winger even if previously it was the other way round?

Using the attributes that make good players as previously mentioned if I focus my recruitment in the lower leagues on the best 5 attributes for that position eg pace, acceleration, off the ball, finishing and heading for a striker by setting in game filters for say over 11 for those attributes and getting the players with the best CA that are natural in that position with the highest attribute value it would be a good policy?

I think that would be a reasonable approach
KBB said: Hi everyone. First Post on here thanks to lurking looking at tactics a this thread in particular. Sorry for the newbie question I have about to ask.

Im using the 4 diamond 2 formation currently number 1 in the testing table for reference and playing the level 10 English database, currently my club is at level 10.

Without using any filters on Fmscout I have a player who is not a FB at all but a DM or AMC on the player profile, however FMscout rates him as my best FB at my club on the position % buy a clear distance. He is rated 49% FB and the next highest player only 32% fullback. Why is this? Should it be ignored and him used as a DM or should I put him in at fullback if thsts what the FMscout says?

Sorry for the question.

Thank you for reading

You need to also look at the positional rating on GS out of 20. For instance if the player is 49% for the position but only 10/20 they will be much lower. What the info you have is indicating is that if you retrained the player to full back up towards the 20/20 rating they would be easily your best player in that position.
Floppyaams said: Is there any way to import ykykyk balanced into the FMRTE rating system?

If you go into Settings, Position Ratings you can feed them in manually
ZaZ said: Gratz and thanks, Nebu!

Unfortunately, I cannot compete with people brute testing (trying all possible variations), because they are just bound to find good things if they test too much. I lost count of the number of times I spent one week testing something novel, just to see it being tested before I could post it. In the end, the important thing is for people to have good tactics, and not exactly for the best tactic to be mine. I just wish I could have contributed more to the community this year, but my time has been pretty limited recently.

I guess I will try to wrap up the information I collected in my tests with what we got from the testing table and try to make a new version for the tactics.

I love your work mate, it is definitely extremely valuable to the FM Arena community. Please keep it up. I know I am not alone in my appreciation for your work
kasaprus said: automatic translation, sorry for the mistakes
Good afternoon I understand correctly, you need to look for players like this?
1. We look in the analytics for the best attributes in our league. Let's say for a midfielder in our league the passing and stamina averages are 10.3, the best stats are 12.7 (Squad - Analyst report - Comparison - Midfield - Show only midfield, right?). So, when searching for players in the positions of DM / MCRL / AMCRL, we round the numbers (11 and 13, respectively), in the game or GenieScout in the attribute filter, specify +1/2, then sort by position with the ykykyk balanced filter, and the players are at the top of the list by rating (if the position is 19/20 or 20/20) - are these players almost guaranteed to be the best in the league?
2. I want to understand what attributes should be viewed for the position. There were several different options in this thread, which one is better to use? If, like in attachment 1, for DM I look at 6 and above, then I compare these attributes by league, and in the filter I set the values ​​by top in league + 1, then I sort in GS by position rating, right?

Your best bet is just to use the ykykyky ratings and pick from there. Look for 18-20 in positional rating and find someone you can afford.

If you want to look at just a few attributes choose the highest ones from the ykykyky ratings file. It is not worth looking at the ones below 50.

ykykyky ratings
Dragons Breath 3.1
Dragons Breath 4.1
Dragons Breathe
Dragons Den
kjordafen said: Any links to other post or other places for more info on the stuff you talk about here?

-ZAZ under 50 minus 25 filter
-Mark ykykyk

What are these, and where can I find them?


Start reading from Here
Floppyaams said: Is there a downside to doing this? I thought it was always better to prioritize those key attributes over going for balanced players?

It worked well in testing for me
Floppyaams said: Hi, I am using the ZAZ under 50 minus 25 filter for fm genie right now. How does ykykyk differ from ZAZ under 50?

ZaZ takes up to 25 points off all the attributes that are rated under 50 points in the ykykyky calculations. This means that the ratings are skewed to only the most important ratings.
opq said: I tried double DM(de) at one of "cross" iterations, and think I was fooled by playing it with top team in weak league(Ferencvaros). It was like long ball to my defenders -> header to DM, who are pretty low positioned -> plenty of time to decide and space between them and opposition, cuz no1 pressed on them.
And at EPL it wasn't that perfect, cuz DMs were on constant pressing from opposition: less time to decide leading to mistakes at passes.

Let's see how it plays. It has been much more solid in defence for me
Droid said: @Mark, you forgot to put a screenshot of the tactic.

Thanks Droid. Cant believe I would forget the most important thing after working through all the new requirements.