Adapted the famous TFF tactic from FM19 to FM21 using the AMs instead of Strikers. Seems to work very well

Test with highest ranked and lowest ranked side in Vanarama South

Worth testing in this new 21.6 ME world
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Prutton said: I am currently trying two different set pieces. The first is very promising and gives me around +8 points per season, +10 goals for and -7 goals conceded. The second I just started collecting data, but gave me the highest points ever in a holiday test (might be just rng) anyway, gonna post below just for fun. 110 points in holiday mode is kinda sick.

Wow. This looks like the kind of set up I need for next season in L2 with a semi pro team. Cant wait to try it
The results from the test overnight were comparable with the best of Phoenix. Wanted to go back to playing for a while so am using Blue 2.0 with the Blue 3.0 set pieces. 4 games in with second season St Albans and have consolidated top spot in the Vanarama National League winning 4 in a row with the set up all against sides favoured to beat us, 9 goals to 2. Happy to run with this for a while. Might get back to some testing later in the week but need to play before other priorities cut in.

If anyone else has tested any of the set pieces from this thread please let us know how they went. I see that quite a few have been downloaded

Thanks in advance
And this one seems to be working. It was well above the average of the other 2 best set piece routines. Motion best points total for a single run was 398 with an average of 372. Void best points total for a single run was 392 with an average of 359. My slight modification to Blue 2.1, I have called it Blue 3.0, was 383 (easily leading on averages). Scoring from corners. The best single run from any tactic was Void with 58 for the 5 sides for a single season. Blue 3.0 equaled that. Not much time in the next few days but now running Blue 3.0 with ZaZ Blue 2.0 instead of Pheonix to see how it goes overnight. I have corrected it against the set ups. This one seemed to change marginally.

As I wont be posting tomorrow, here is the tactic if you want to test @Prutton
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I am up to my third test incorporating a more attacking corner tactic. If this one fails I wont be able to test again for a couple of days. I do still think your current Blue 2.1 will turn out to be the best @Prutton
Prutton said: @Mark, can you test this, please, and tell me how it compares to others? You can also modify it if you find some improvement. Set pieces are a frankenstein using routines from fireball, phoenix, motion, void and blue.

P.S.: I am re-running the tests, to make sure I didn't overtrain to the save file I was using.

Final results just behind Motion, but still thinking that bizarre Leyton result impacted. I shall definitely be using Blue 2.1. I have now tested 13 set piece routines. Blue 2.1 is easily the best scoring from free kicks, second best defending corners, third best defending free kicks, and just below average scoring from corners. I left out a few of the worst tactics. Here is the updated table.

Thanks for all your work @Prutton.
Prutton said: @Mark, can you test this, please, and tell me how it compares to others? You can also modify it if you find some improvement. Set pieces are a frankenstein using routines from fireball, phoenix, motion, void and blue.

P.S.: I am re-running the tests, to make sure I didn't overtrain to the save file I was using.

Looks very impressive. There was a minor problem. Very impressive in 4 of the 5 Divisions. Going well with Leyton Orient for the first dozen games and then had a heap of injuries. Dropped down to 15th and got sacked 2/3 the way through the season so no stats. If I take them out and remove the worst result from other tactics, Blue 2.1 is well on top. The other runs will be interesting. Another one going now. Still only just behind Motion and second overall as is.
Prutton said: It will be more precise if you run on phoenix, like the others, but also extra work if one or other position is off.

Looks like the positions align. Checked a few to make sure. Running the first test now. They take around an hour each. Will let you know how it looks after the first run but hard to draw conclusions until all 3 have run.
Prutton said: @Mark, can you test this, please, and tell me how it compares to others? You can also modify it if you find some improvement. Set pieces are a frankenstein using routines from fireball, phoenix, motion, void and blue.

P.S.: I am re-running the tests, to make sure I didn't overtrain to the save file I was using.

Do you want me to load the set pieces routine from this and run it in Phoenix like the other tests or just run it as is?
Prutton said: Just added Blue 2.1 to the table, which is how I am calling the version of Blue 2.0 with improved set
@Mark, what set pieces worked better for you for attacking free kicks and defending corners?

Not much between Motion and Void in scoring from free kicks and Fireball was easily the best for defending corners.

Great work mate
Prutton said: I currently have 28 players in my team. Two for each position, plus one goalkeeper, one defender, striker, midfielder (training as DM) and one winger in each side (training as DL/R). Basically, I rotate two teams of 22 players equally (one match each) and use the other 5 as reserves for both teams, so everyone gets play time. The third goalkeeper plays on Trophy Cup, no matter the team.

In the middle of the season, I usually lower everyone's agrees play time to minimum, then try to increase until they drop their worry. That makes them expect as least playtime as possible.

P.S.: I also took some time to get rid of players other than those 28. I managed to sell some, loan some, but one stayed and didn't want to leave, so I just terminated his contract paying the full salary. I will show my team later, but now there are some experiments running. I am using only one player from the youth category, one reserve striker. I also hired more scouts, so I know my players even without a scouting package, and convinced the board to add two more coaches.

P.S.2: My defensive set pieces suck so bad...

Do you equal out the 2 sides or play an A Team and a B Team. Equal out might involve best left winger and 2nd best right winger, best SS and 4th best SS in one side, then 2nd and 3rd best SS and best right winger and 2nd best left winger in the other?
ta2199 said: Try out @Egraam set pieces, he got good one

I tested Motion and Viola. Motion is our best so far and cant seem to beat it. Viola wasnt far off. If they are the same it could be the structural change into Phoenix tactic that differed. I tried to adjust the ones that had a different structure.
Prutton said: I am still going on with Leamington. Won Vanarama North and the Trophy in first year, and now I am leading Vanarama National, but got kicked out of the Trophy already. Finances are great since I got lots of money from FA Cup against Manchester United. I lost, but got 1.5m from gate receipts. Now I have over 2m in projected balance and I am upgrading training and youth facilities. However, the board asked me to become stabilished before becoming professional. We can afford it, but the president is not ambitious enough.

P.S.: As a tip, always remove all clauses and bonuses when renewing contracts. You can pay less in a year if you remove those bonus for picked or unused sub. Some clauses and bonus allow to pay less in the long run, but I just remove everything anyway.

I somehow ended up with too many left wingers. The young one I had came good and was faster than the ones I had signed. So the older ones not playing are upsetting the squad and are unhappy. Cant seem to get rid of them. I will use the tip as I am just about to start looking for players for next season. I have $260k, but am just under the wage budget and have just $20k transfer budget. Really hard managing the workload of the players in the middle of the season. Mainly all young players

Smashed by Burton (L1) in round 1 of FA Cup and just about to play our first FA Trophy game.
Prutton said: I just started collecting data. I set Blue with Play For Set Pieces and will do five runs of each set piece, collecting data like points, goals scored, goals conceded, assists from corners, free kicks and throw ins, goals from free kicks and goals conceded from the same things. Then I will pick the median (3rd best) from each stat to decide the best. This will give me a base setup for the set pieces, which I will then try to improve with experiments, trying to understand why it works well.

I didn't think about setting to play for set pieces, great idea. I might progress my current save with Blue 2.0 and Motion and keep an eye out for your results. I am in my second season with St Albans and won the South comp last year and now leading the Vanarama National League in early December. Very tight at the top though. Finances aren't great, no likelihood of turning pro and cant attract decent players or staff. Going to need every advantage I can get from Blue and set pieces just to stay up if I get through to League 2
@Prutton I tried two hybrid versions of set pieces and neither advanced the Motion or Void set pieces. So I think I am now down to just testing those 2 and the Phoenix one in ZaZ Blue 2. Might also try the two hybrids as well - MDW above and another.

The hybrids seem to be working ok in my save game though
Fair enough. I looked up their current role abilities on FM Scout. I might revert back to the standard Blue if the positional changes dont make much difference.

I will be interested to see how you go with set piece experiments.
ta2199 said: I think I have tried that but It doesn't make much diff with Winger and CD

My squad has very much higher ratings for roles for those positions. But you are probably right.

Prutton said: I didn't know my set pieces were that bad. I mean, it's not bad, but the set pieces from Void, Phoenix and Motion seem much better. Are you making extra experiments on those three to avoid statistical noise? I am just waiting for your final results to update my tactics and give you credits.

I am not sure whether there is that much certainty in this stuff. The tests seem to be quite variable. I will see how it plays in my save using the modified version and then test later in the week. Was just a bit of fun looking at it all and then comparing the ones that seemed better against the ones that appeared not to be good. Didnt pay much attention to the ones in the middle.
And here is my modified version of set pieces that I am using with my modified version of ZaZ Blue 2.0 where I have changed the Central Defenders to CD Defend and the Wingers to Wingers Support to suit my team. Working well so far

UPDATE: Did not test well
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Here are the results:

Only 3 set piece routines worth looking at to be honest, Motion, Void and Phoenix. I am running with Void with a few modifications, I think statistically it looks more solid. Wont get a chance to test it all more for a week or so so wont post an update until then.
I wont be doing Knap or Killer as they look too similar to some of the other set piece routines. I have added the FM19 one suggested by Madundwa, because I loved FM19 so much. That makes it ten routines. SP God is done, TFF last run is just going, and I should get through Void tonight. Havent downloaded the results yet but will probably do that depending on how exciting the Australian Open tennis is. It is not easy being an Aussie all round sportsman. That will leave FM19, and the best 3 tactics of ZaZ Blue, rerun Phoenix under this set up and Viola.

Just a quick update. Might have some more initial results tomorrow.