db782 said: Is there a set-piece routine to run alongside this?

Loot at this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/8935-set-piece-testing/
alex said: I can't seem to make any tactic work with central mids of any role. Do you guys had any success using them? It seems in fm24 that central mids of any role are useless..

61 pts with 1 x CM - https://fm-arena.com/thread/7770-4231-cabuloso-twk2/

60 pts with 2 x CMs https://fm-arena.com/thread/8769-lionheart23-4231-1-2-1/

57 pts with 2 x CMs https://fm-arena.com/thread/8251-red-general-433-cm/

According to this test - https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/31474/

In normal game 49 pts tactic gives you about 95 pts with Man City which more than enough for winning titles

So in theory if you prefer playing with CMs then in FM24 you are able winning trophies playing with CMs just fine

There's a lot of tactics with 1 x CM or 2 x CMs that would give you 100+ pts with Man City or Liverpool
Gzawx said: How is it possible that have a team of 160CA and I am loosing/drawing all matches in Premier League? I played 6 matches and I won 1, I don't know what is happening. Is the microsoft version broken? I said that because I play in Game Pass this year and I cant find other explain. Or maybe that my team is too young? All my players have 20-22 years, but they are really good players, it shouldn't be the reason right? Help!!

You might be poor in doing "Touchline Shouts" or "Team Talks"

Or your assistant manager might be poor in doing them if you delegate them to him

Find a good assistant manager who has high attributes:

- Determination
- Motivation
- Level of Discipline
- Tactical Knowledge
- Judging Player Ability

Delegate him "Touchline Shouts" and "Team Talks"
dzek said: Any thoughts?

They should released that patch earlier. IMHO, releasing it in December is too long.
Steelwood said: Changed mentality back to balanced and added tackle harder on all players. Also added instructions to the AM.

It looks like you uploaded a wrong tactic.
I really would not bother and worrying about such staff at this point because as usual when the full game release drops the Match Engine changes significantly.

Also, as usual after a full game release the next few months are full of patches that significantly changes the Match Engine.

The beta game version might have a lot of "wild things" and that's why it's called "beta" :)
Football Manager 2024 is available on 6th November :thup:


Adnous said: Thank you Rince, so if i create a new game in FM, I need to take 23.5.0(N) tactics or i need to take 23.5.0 ?

Go for 23.5.0(N)
Adnous said: Sorry for my question but what is the difference between 23.5.0 and 23.5.0(N) ?

23.5.0(N) uses an improved testing database.
radius said: okay. i understand. match engine is important. not data update. so i have update transfer from july. and i think my game is 23.3 version. so should i go for table tactic 23.2.0 or 23.5.0?

If you play on this M.E.

then look at this table - https://fm-arena.com/table/23-patch-23-5-0-n/
sponsorkindest said: Haha, sucks to be in the 1.4% :(

Don't forget that "1.4%" is to go "up" and "down" by 3 points so the probability to go only "up" by 3 points is 2 times less, which will be "0.7%"

Let's say if you hit 55 points after 1,200 matches then the probability to improve your result by 3 points after 4,000 matches is only "0.7%".
@leopfv, hey.

There's no roles and tactical instructions on your screenshot of the tactic.
opq said: Dribble more on WB

I don't get it, there's "Run at the defense" TI, it overrides any dribbling associated PIs so adding or removing them won't make any difference.
masonma71 said: So we have a few tactics now with equal points and equal goal difference but this one has most goals scored, which is how in real life these situations are sorted, so shouldn't it still be top of the table?

That has been answered and explained many times already by admins. We see rounded numbers but internally they are like this 54.43422423234

For example, we see 2 tactics have 54 but actually one tactic could have 54.322323 points and other tactic could have 54.445747 points but the sorting happens on the internal points(not rounded ones).

If you want to check then you can do your own calculation, the only what you need to do is summing up the point on the result screenshots then divide it by the matches played, which is 4,000 at the moment and then multiply it by 38.
pixar said: There are 10 teams in the league, but 5 teams use the same tactic. It just didn't seem quite right to me.
I also think it would make more sense to have an arrangement suitable for real-life popular leagues. A calendar of 76 matches with 20 teams would have been better.

In addition, how does a team in a 10-team league complete the season with 80 matches? Shouldn't it be 81 if they met 9 times?

The human teams (Team A, Team B and so on...) plays only against AI teams.

5 Human teams
5 AI teams

They play 16 times against each other

5 x 16 = 80
Delicious said: is fine if i do take the vacation with this tactic so it can be tested?

LOL... I guess @kjordafen already did that - https://fm-arena.com/thread/5238-4-3-3-striker-focus/
TargetPerson said: Can a slower target man type be effective in this tactic or faster striker is required?

I think you know the answer to your question. :goofy:

FM is about Acceleration and Pace, and it doesn't matter what tactic you use.
pixar said: Tornado did not affect him. :cool: @Blau

It did. The G.D. decreased from +21 to +19 :)