CBP87 said: team instructions will overwrite player instructions, even if the setting is on before the TI

Yes, that's true If there're any conflicting TIs and PIs then the TIs take a priority over PIs

But the same time not all TIs apply to all roles for example, the "Dribble More" TI don't has any effect on some roles with "Defend" duty.
MrKing said: i have noticed that if you set player instructions before team instructions, then you can set individual close down and other stuff to the position. if you set team instructions first it will restrain the options you can set for players.

Yeahh... it's been an issue for a long time in FM but as SI has explained many times, any ineligible PI are just ignored by the game.
ZaZ said: I heard those shaolin tactics have some impossible instructions. I wish I knew how to do that.

I'm not sure what you mean but sometimes when you change roles or some TIs the PI from previous setting might stay but if some role has an ineligible set of PI for current state then the game just ignores those PIs like they don't exist, the developers from SI have explained that many times.

For example, some positions and role in a tactic might have "Close Down More" but if their Close Down settings are already at the maximum then it won't have any effect.
Manidaro7 said: @Rince on the other hand, which skills are important for goalkeepers?

- Reflexes
- One On Ones
- Command Of Area
- Anticipation
- Concentration
- Agility

Pablito said: how do i get Current Ability out

The official in-game editor can do that. Also, there're many 3rd party tools(FMRTE, FMScout) that can do that too or even some custom skins can do that but I'm not sure
Manidaro7 said: @Rince  so when i make the transfer market i have to look for a player who has only these skills?

First of all, I look at their CA ( Current Ability ) and then I choose from the highest CA players.

Let's say there're 160CA, 155CA, 150CA and 110CA players available to you for a transfer so I would only choose from the 160CA, 155CA, 150CA players and I would ignore the 110CA players.

Speaking other words, you should always want to get the highest CA player but who also matches the important attributes that I posted above.
Manidaro7 said: @ZaZ I read the player attributes section but I didn't understand it so much so I request it here: what are the fundamental attributes role by role that players must have to make this module run great?

Here's my approach to picking players, it's based on this table - https://fm-arena.com/table/13-fm22-attributes-ratings/

The most important attributes for any position and role except central defenders:
- Acceleration
- Pace
- Dribbling
- Anticipation
- Stamina

And the most important attributes for central defenders:
- Acceleration
- Pace
- Anticipation
- Jumping Reach
- Strength
Skomi said: Tested with Deportivo on new patch ZAZ-Blue 4.0.Works insanely good,I use CDs with at least solid tehnique and mobility as IWBs and WBs with some crossing,WR and stamina as Wingers...
Great job sir!

I'd say "Quickness" is must have for any position and role, it's just everything in FM.
Manidaro7 said: so if I understand correctly, start the games with Blue 4.0 and if the lead by two goals go to light blue, right?

I'm afraid to turn ZaZ - Blue 4.0 into something more defensive it requires changing the formation and duties.

For example, if you need to turn ZaZ - Blue 4.0 into something more defensive then I would use this tactic as a base but changed the duties of IWBs to Support instead of Attack - https://fm-arena.com/tactic/2615-chrys-4-4-2-axis/
ZaZ said: I hope everything goes well there!

P.S.: I'm finishing some details on Blue 4.0. Since version with advanced wingers and defensive wingers are performing equally, I will set 4.0 to be the version with advanced wingers. I prefer that version because managers can set players to ease off tackles when they get booked. The current version with DW will be called Blue 4.0 DW and will also be included, to help those that already bought players for that formation.

Here're some stats from the game:

If we search between players with CA is at least 100 or higher

- 2,058 "Natural" AMR players
- 2,140 "Natural" AML players

- 461 "Natural" MR players
- 398 "Natural" ML players

I always prefer to avoid using tactics with ML/R positions because there're very few players for these positions in the game. It always requires retraining players.

Of course, I would use tactics with ML/MR positions but only if there are much better than other tactics. I mean, if ZaZ Blue with DWs was better by 10 points or more than the version with Regular Wingers then only in this case I would consider playing with the DWs version but if it's only 5 points or less better then IMHO, it isn't worth bothering with ML/R positions.
Great work! :thup:
mushy366 said: Wow really? Does that work for example if you need a left back, does playing a right back even tho their showing as red for that position not make a difference or will it make a difference in that instance?

You're messing up Position Rating and Role Rating. They are very different things.

Position Rating does matter and it's an important thing.

Role Rating doesn't matter and it's more a cosmetic thing.
Rince said: I guess if you want to play more defensively after a red card then it'd be better removing one of the Advanced Forwards.

I just want to clarify a bit that I meant removing one of the advanced forwards and putting the other into the central position.
ZaZ said: Remove SS.

Vipergray said: hey @ZaZ  thanks for the tactic, I have a question. What should I do in case of a red card?

I guess if you want to play more defensively after a red card then it'd be better removing one of the Advanced Forwards.

I've been noticing without SS the tactic starts conceding as hell so I'd be very careful with removing the SS.
Good effort but I'm afraid you can say that a million times but people still will do as they want. :)
Sandro said: I played with Bayern Munich and had only 1 lose in the league and the team scored 127 and conceded only 21.

Yeah, the tactic fits perfectly Bayern Munich.
Has anyone tried this tactic in Bundesliga?
Filer974 said: You're probably right but at no time did I compare my tactics to anyone else's.... I compare this tactic with my previous tactics, and you only have to look at the results to see that the latter is better than the previous ones.

Ok, then test each of your tactic for 912 matches like fm-arena does it, gather all the data into the table, explain your testing methodology and then present it to us so we have something to discuss because now we don't have anything to discuss expect "your feelings" and few holiday tests which is ridiculous.
Filer974 said: have you tried this tatic?

Yes, I've tried it and I can say there are many other tactics that give me a much better result than this tactic.