famulor said: Seems to be a pretty good tactic tbh.

It is pretty good, just not the best in ideal conditions.
brainbox said: So I get that pace and acceleration are the main attributes to go for when buying players. But do all players such as DM or CB need these attributes? Or just the attacking players?

Any, including defenders. After those two attributes, but with less importance, come agility (for all players) and dribbling (for offensive players). For defenders and DM, with less importance than the speed attributes, come jumping reach.
Belmorn said: Due to winning prizes in the last 2 seasons my reputation has shot up massively.

What I notice now is that AI managers start using counter attack play , especially when they are ahead.
What is your recommended action against this ? Start more cautious or more attacking ?
For reference  , my squad isn’t quite there yet in terms of CA with a mix of 120-160 players but none above.

It usually gets easier as seasons go, since you add better and better players. You can have a bad run and lose 4 or 5 games in a row, but it's usually not because of the tactic, but because of player management. For example, I usually lose more to very small teams than very big teams, because players get complacent. Just keep going and work the players fatigue, happiness, morale and complacency and you will win by the end of the season.
TactocTestor said: What should I be looking for in a goalkeeper?

I usually look for agility, reflexes and jumping reach, but it's hard to say what are the most important attributes for a goalkeeper, since it's hard to test.
klokan said: hey @Prutton , since it's your schedules and your tactic, I've mentioned you in comment, but everyone else feel free to comment :)

You said earlier that youth teams also need quickness schedules, but in the "In-Season" training, there are few training sessions that include  bonuses for the upcoming match. In my opinion, there is no need for upcoming match bonuses in youth teams since it doesn't really matter if the youth team is 1st or 7th, at least to me :D
My suggestion is to change those "bonus" schedules into something else, do you have any suggestions?
We all want our regens to fulfill their potential, am i right? :cool:

You can have different schedules for different squads. Usually I leave it to youth manager and just add individual focus to quickness.

If your focus is to maximize attribute gain, then you should probably add other sessions instead of upcoming match. I use those because I play without saving, so any extra chance to win is welcome. I am also usually satisfied with the attribute gain by the end of the season.
keadude said: Hey guys,
Would it be possible for someone to screenshot the two training schedules for me? I'm using touch and you can't load schedules in there but if I have screenshots of the schedules showing what to do on each day of the week I can create them myself in the game.


In-Season, one and two matches in the week. I set the week with two matches to be very light, considering some people like to use the best eleven in most games.

TactocTestor said: Hi can you comment on my training schedule? My team cohesion is already maxed so I'm thinking about replacing them with set piece training.

I like to train Attacking Movement, Teamwork and Defensive Positioning before every match, since they give bonus to the next match. Quickness training is fine if you have a squad to rotate, but that means you won't be able to use the same players wednesday and saturday, as they won't recover their condition in time. About corners and delivery, I am not saying they are not good to train, but they seem to make less of a difference than the other match bonuses (defensive positioning and teamwork), in my experience. I didn't test it so I can't say for sure. Also, the point of team bonding and match practice is not cohesion, but happiness. Happy players nag less and accept better being mistreated in other areas, like heavy training because of quickness individual focus or lower salaries.
Gpassosbh said: That´s great. Now the 3 sets are done. I´ll use Blue, Red and Silver. Thanks.

Threedom, from @Egraam is probably better with three defenders. If you want to train three different tactics, I would recommend Blue 3.0 (top ranked), Void 2.0 from @Cyborg (top goals with high score) and Cooper (top defense). Or you can train Blue 3.0, as well as Blue 3.0 in very attacking and cautious mentality, which wouldn't be too far off those two.
Solaris said: Only about 25% of the tested tactics have a higher rating than 6.3 rating so I'd say 6.3 is a quite high rating :)

It's the highest score reached in the table of first patch.
Rollerbob said: Amazed this only got a 6.3 on the tac testing table. Could be that its only amazing for great teams?

6.3 is a good score, enough to win most championships with a good team. Tests from FM-Arena are made under good conditions, so it reflects more the results of a top team than a weak team. It just happens that some tactics are better suited to these conditions.
Yet another tactic with three defenders and three strikers. This time, it uses DW as wingers and a pair of DMs playing wide, to cover the flanks, and set to get further forward. Results are pretty good, so I hope it will be better than Copper. Most other features are taken from Blue.

Let me know in the comments how it performed for you!
ZaZ - Silver.fmf
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klokan said: one more question. is it better to play strikers in SS position or AMC's? for example, is it better to play Dembele or Vlasic in SS position? i'm struggling to make things work for vlasic and that type of players..

Train the Striker to at least accomplished in AMC, then choose the fastest of them. If the striker is not accomplished, then use the AMC while he is training, maybe swapping him in during decided matches to train him faster.

An accomplished player is 7.5% less effective than a natural player. Competent is 12.5% less effective, and unconvincing is 19% less effective. Awkward is 35% and ineffectual is 40%.

Keep in mind that 3 points less in acceleration or pace will make the player ~20% less effective, while 3 points less in both acceleration and pace will make the player ~40% less effective. That means if AMC and ST have different speed, it's usually better to choose the fastest.

TactocTestor said: Sorry if this has been asked but should I play my right footed on the left in SS role?

Same foot as side is better, but don't worry much about it.
TactocTestor said: Is finishing really necessary on shadow strikers? I notice in the important attributes table that finishing has the least effect on team result. So my SS won't improve much even if his finishing goes up from 11 to 14?

I've had success with strikers with 3 finishing and have had some blind strikers with 18 finishing. It obviously have some importance, but getting the ball in the right spot often is way more important.
klokan said: Hey, I know someone has already asked you about the training but... could you make version of training for 1 match sunday, 1 match saturday, 2 match- tuesday saturday, 2 match tuesday sunday, 2 match wednesday saturday, 2 match wednesday sunday? or at least tell me how to alterate your trainings when different situations come up in my schedule?

The in-season training is set to 1 match per week, on saturday. If your match is sunday, just swap saturday with sunday. If you have another match wednesday or tuesday, just remove the quickness trainings and make sure there is one attacking movement, defensive positioning and teamwork before each match, to give next match bonuses.
anonameone said: Thanks mate. That page the link refers to, really enlighten me.
Any Player Preferred Moves recommended?

Get moves that reinforce the player instructions. For example, move into channels for those that have the instruction to move into channels, and so on.
anonameone said: Sorry if this has been asked before, but which one is better for the shadow striker role? A natural AMC or natural ST trained to AMC position?

The fastest (acceleration/pace) of them if ST is at least accomplished. If ST is not retrained to accomplished yet, then AMC will probably do better, unless he is a slug.
kireby said: @Prutton if you remember me :D I started new save with some addons and my local club Baltika Kaliningrad again. What i can say is i don't know if ME changed at all, but when i matched players i won Championship and won 6 games in UCL with club only predicted 12th or 8th, i can share my screenshots from that season if you want.

I think this is the most stable and broken tactic in FM 21. If i could won Man City and PSG twice in 2 seasons a row with Russian Club - this means something

I believe you. I recently won both English, Swedish and Brazilian leagues with teams predicted last, in the first season. I have yet to continue those saves to win the continental cup too.
Just another crazy idea. It didn't do very well with Fulham, but managed to win the league with Manchester City in holiday mode. Tactic and results are below.

ZaZ - Iron.fmf
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Belmorn said: What can I say ? 2nd season with Millwall ( they start in the Championship with 0 transfer and salary budget remaining )

Got promoted from championsship with my own tactic which was the same with roles just different approach ( slower tempo, tika taka style ).

Switched to the real deal hoping to stay up, got a little more than that I can say !

Just WOW.

Gratz! It's really enjoyable to bring a team from lower divisions to the top!

TactocTestor said: What are your experiences with CD? Is it preferable to have one with high pace/ acceleration but low in heading/ jumping reach?

Faster is better. You can ignore heading completely, but jumping reach is good to have for defensive and offensive reasons.
Machismo said: While I'm waiting for Waves V3 an off-topic question.  We have 3 slots to load up our tactics for the team.  Rather than leaving a slot empty if I insert "Wave.fmf" into the empty slots making all three tactics the same tactic with which to train will it reduce the time needed for the team to familiarize with the tactic?

No. As far as I know, players learn the team instructions individually. The team familiarity is based on the 11 picked players. For example, if you have trained one tactic with pass it shorter, you won't need to retrain passing style in case you change to another tactic with pass it shorter. That's why it's usually good to train at least on tactic with more defensive mentality or more offensive, so you can freely change mentality during the match without lowering team familiarity. The same applies to other things you might want to change during the match, like tempo, passing style, wasting time and player instructions.