ta2199 said: Change IWB(s) to FB(s) kinda work out

I'm trying to identify what kind of crosses are better, if from deep or from the byline. I can see lots of crosses from the byline, more than before, using the same tactic. It seems like my forwards are seeking more the flanks when in the attacking third, which means my wingers are advancing more to that area. Before, the majority of attacking actions came from wingers with through ball to the shadow strikers. It really changed how the matches unfold.
ta2199 said: Nah, I tested a lots with MU, with 4 or 5 save, the most common type when conceding is Cross and Through balls.
I mean damn, they have 3 to 5 shots and then 1 cross from midfield, boom 1 goal

It might be just me, but my players are trying (or succeeding) way more crosses than before. I think that's why formations without IWB or with AML/R are performing better. I need to play a bit more to confirm this and see if I find another clue. Goals from crosses per season have increased over 50%.
Gratz! Finally some new ideas!
infxamus said: I changed to Defensive Winger to Winger and tried it with and Man United and sheesh this is indeed the best 2 striker tactic right now...

Thanks! It helps that people stopped trying with two strikers.
ta2199 said: Do you have any ideas on how to prevent conceding from crosses ?

I just started playing in the new ME, trying to observe what changed. I see less through balls than before, not sure if it's just a coincidence. I will pay attention and see if my crosses are going through. If they are, then we know where to improve to score more and concede less. Also, we just got a new leader in the table, so there might be some hints there.
At the start of every pre-season, I always reduce the agreed playing time of all players to the lowest, then increase it back one step at a time until they drop their concern, to make sure they expect to play as little as possible. That helps keeping the team happy during the season. This is not an exploit, since it comes with the cost of morale.

However, I discovered a little glitch. First, do what I described above, reducing playing time, then increasing again so the player drops the concern. At that moment, you can drop agreed playing time again to as little as possible without any complaint. For example, I set all my players to Emergency Backup, then five matches later they were all delighted with their playing time. I believe this happens because when they drop concern, they are blocked of being concerned for the same reason.

Anyway, play fair and do just the non-exploit part, when they drop concern.
Added 2.1 version, with improved set pieces. The improvement was around 8 points per season last patch, but this patch it's only 3 or 4. I will try to improve set pieces further after a break.

Also, I tried different formations, roles and team instructions, but couldn't find any relevant improvement yet. Gonna take a break before trying again. Time to play and see if I notice where it can be improved inside the ME.
Removed from the previous post so people don't get confused. These are the set pieces I will be using. The improvement was way bigger in previous patch, now it barely improves 3 or 4 points per season. Anyway, must test positions and roles again, since the patch gave some room to grow. Once I find a good formation, I might go back to set pieces again.
ZaZ - Blue 2.1.fmf
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I have never used match plans because they seem to only work for the next match. Is there a way to set it automatically for all matches?

P.S.: "Never" = used once, then saw it reset and didn't use again.
ta2199 said: Yeah, so you guys have to be cautious about that.
Even when you are drawing or losing 1,2,3 goal or winning 1 goal the assistant will change mentality to Balanced
But still I have good result with it, so @Prutton maybe have a look with Balanced mentality

Gonna check everything as soon as I am done with set pieces. Had to redo everything. Two more batches to go before I am done.
ta2199 said: Today I discoverd that If I only set the match plan like this

The AM will change the mentality to Balance instead of Positive during the game

Try to add Blue 2.0 when winning 1+ or not winning. Not sure if that's the problem, but it shouldn't go to balanced ever. Bad programming there.
Kippa9 said: Literally just tested previous version :woot:

Good results particularly with 1 elite team, please check on RDF's discord under K2 Tactic Testing Channel.

Defense is more leaky this patch, so I think Very Attacking tactics might perform great. Look forward for the results of Motion to confirm or deny this statement.
Ok, I guess we can confirm that it still works.
Just did a holiday run to see the impact of new patch. Results are still acceptable. I will run more tests to see how it's performing, then try to find some improvements in the tactic.
Just started running new tests to collect data. Gonna start with blue 2.0 to see how it performs now. I can tell you I tried real strikers already and it performs worse, so we probably still go with AMC instead of ST.
infxamus said: a new ME (minor) was released

Match Engine 21.6.0
- Further balancing of player ratings across both full and quick match engines
- Number of improvements and fixes to match stats, including key tackles, clear-cut chances and interceptions
- Improved goalkeeper distribution when set tactically via instructions
- Improvements to assistant advice during pre-game build up and matches

And I spent the week testing new stuff, all data lost. Yay!
Mark said: Wow. This looks like the kind of set up I need for next season in L2 with a semi pro team. Cant wait to try it

For mark and whoever wanna try it, here is the best I got so far. I am still trying to optimize it, but it should be better than 2.0. I would appreciate if anyone could test and tell me your opinions. For Manchester City, it went from 94 pts on median to 102 per season. Goals scored went from 103 to 113 and goals conceded went from 28 to 21. It was tested 9 times in total in holiday mode, with only two runs scoring less than 100 points.

I am currently trying to optimize defensive set pieces, but not in a way to make it more defensive, but to increase the counter attack opportunities. I have yet to touch attacking free kicks.

P.S.: This is the full tactic, if you want the set pieces you need to extract it with save all routines.
Lapidus said: The 20.3 patch for FM20 was released on 20 February so I think the 21.3 patch for FM21 should be available this week or the next week.

I hope my set pieces work there, because I am doing over 50 holiday runs to optimize it.
I am currently trying two different set pieces. The first is very promising and gives me around +8 points per season, +10 goals for and -7 goals conceded. The second I just started collecting data, but gave me the highest points ever in a holiday test (might be just rng) anyway, gonna post below just for fun. 110 points in holiday mode is kinda sick.

crazyfmguy93 said: You use v3.0, right? When you watch the matches with this tactic, did you like the play? Passes and attacking positions?

in FM19 I used GLADIATOR, in FM20 I used FM20 (4-1-3-1-1)  @SPARTAN@ v-1, they are very good tactics for winning and they look nice when you are watching matches. I mean of course I dont want to win every games. I want watch good games, eye-pleasing football. But all I see is stupid mistakes.

I play with Blue 2.0, but I guess most here use Phoenix 3.0, since it's in the top of the table. If you want goals, then go for Motion or Void. Or maybe you can try Phoenix in the very attacking setting. I like the way Blue 2.0 plays, but I am biased to talk about it.

P.S.: You can sort the table by Goals For or Goal Difference if you want, as that would be a better measurement of entertaining football.