@Zealot I think you struck gold with this tactic :) because I just won EPL and Euro Cup with Leicester City using it.

I also like this tactic because it plays a very beautiful football. I'd rate this tactic 10/10. :thup:

runitout said: One thing I wanted to add was that the "moves into channels" result was particularly surprising to me. My intuition was that trait would be valuable for creating goal opportunities for others more so than oneself by drawing out defenders creating space for other attacking players to exploit. If anything, I thought it would reduce goal scoring for the player with the trait by taking him further from goal. Guess not.

Almost all the attacking roles in the game have "Moves Into Channels" PI by default... I think it proves that this PI is a must have PI for attacking roles :)
tbass said: Hi, Can you test this please


What does "HSV" mean? :)
The tweak works great with my Atletico Madrid, thank you.

I kicked Barca and Real Madrid asses in La Liga and also won Champions League. :D

Went undefeated in the league and scored 135 goals.

@Zippo thanks for sharing, awesome stuff.
Nabby1987 said: Holiday test this tactic over several seasons, only made transfers every year. Man Utd are elite of course but impressive haul of consistent trophies.

I've also tried it with Man City and won the league with 95 pts so definitely this is a very good tactic
@kly3654 Hi, I see you made 2 threads with the same tactic... Why? I'm confused. :blink:
Ozturk58 said: Can you test

Test team Bvb
First season no transfer


The screenshots are too small... I can't see anything :( Can you fix it?
I really like how it plays.

I made treble with Arsenal using this tactic. :)

It seems to be working very well for my striker. The goals has been increasing since I trained him that PPM.
Has anyone tried to delegate "Shouts" to the assistant manager or it's a bad idea?
@Ozturk58 and @Sandro thanks a lot for your help, guys.
Hi there,

I manage Norwich City and after a bad run the morale of my players is very low. I'm wondering if there's a way to improve it?

Also, any suggestion how to improve my tactic is welcome. :)