Koopa said: is the tactic suited for underdog teams? ive had some good results with it in my first year in the prem (managing Blackburn), but it feels like my players have regressed and i'm giving up a ton of goals to big teams

this can help -

also, check the 1st post of this thread, there are a lot of tips by ZaZ in it
NiD2103 said: I concede a lot of goals atm with Blue 4.0 (playing SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga) and i also have the problem of many offside goals, which in the end sometimes even cost me the game.

Is there anything i might miss?
As i said, i'm using the Blue 4.0 Tactic and didn't really changed much (I'm using Light and Solid from time to time like your description said) but i struggle a lot (8 wins, 2 draw, 8 losses currently).

Read this -

Also, read the 1st post of this thread there you can find a lot of tips by ZaZ about everything in the game.
Oshea said: Been having some real success on my journeyman save. But have suddenly encountered some real problems in the premier league. Went from hero to zero real fast.

The best team I've managed by far in my save, but the worst results. What is most important: Team CA or role suitability?

I suggest that you read this -

Also, there are a lot of helpful information by ZaZ in the 1st post of this thread.
I'm sure that that Reflexes is a more important attribute for a GK than Agility so I would go for GK1 - Reflexes-18/Agility-13 :)
DaA99 said: I am really struggling with the tactic right now. I am playing with a promotion candidate and i am currently in place 10 with good morale. Before i was winning every match 4-0. Can't understand why.

Read this -
Dilman said: Does it work for fm mobile?

If the mobile version uses the same match engine as the full game then should work but I doubt that the full game and the mobile version use the same match engine.

Probably, you can ask about in the official forum. The developers should know better. :)
Grimlock said: A crazy result with Real Madrid

107 points, scored 128, conceded 24

I guess Benzema was the top scorer ?
Metal said: where is the image of the formation?

it's present, you missed it.
Daazak said: Is it only me or the image of the translated table is not avaiable anymore?

I can't see it too. Probably, @ZaZ removed it for some reason.
ZaZ said: By the way, from these two seasons with Concord Rangers I figured some tips to improve the tactic. Basically, I noticed there are too many people by the edge of opponent's area, by the middle. Everyone goes up, including RPM, IWBs and even BPDs. \

Have you thought that it might be the reason why the tactic works so good? :)

And if you change it then the tactic might lose its edge.
KKKOrea said: Are there any good tactics for Tottenham at this point?

I want to get into the top 4 without signing in the first transfer window

what formation do you prefer to use with the team?
JohnSariman said: ** my all idea for this formation started from my favourite tactician guy zaz @ZaZ

Ok, now it's a proper way to share your tactic when it's based on someone else's work. :)

P.S. adding a link to ZaZ's Orange tactic would be nice too.
WALTON1981 said: 7th I think.

Then I'd say it's a great result :)
WALTON1981 said: 1st season with Leicester lost the league on last game with 4-3 loss to Burnley.

What is Leicester's media prediction ?
cptdoggo said: CA 165 CA 150 CA 140

CA doesn't mean anything and the only what makes a difference is the actual attributes.

Two players might have the same CA but one of might be much more efficient than the other and the attributes testing clearly shows it -
dudu said: can someone test this, please!!!!!

It'll be tested at some point. There are a lot of other tactics await to be tested.

If you want to bring more attention to this tactic then you'd better post some results with it instead just asking for a test.
MrGreen said: Now now boys, genuine mistake, calm down lol

OK, we forgive you! :goofy:  :goofy:

Rince said: there's a magic button "Edit" for such cases... I'm just saying :)

Kyle said: Holidays test just seem unreliable in general, very dependent on how well other teams are doing, injuries to both player and AI and obviously sometimes you just get really lucky and is much easier to fluke 38 games than 456 or whatever the tests are.

Here's how a proper testing should be done -
@CBP87, looks good but why didn't you create a new thread for it in the FM22 tactic sharing section?

It doesn't make sense sharing a FM22 tactic in FM21 sharing tactic section :)