JoaoGabriel said: Can I trade the defender who heads the corner for my striker?

Sure, why not?

But it makes sense only if your striker is better in the air than you defender
Antal said: Bro, do you have tactics for the underdog? Are all the tactics that are at their best here for strong teams?

there are no special designed tactics for underdogs that make them win 100% matches

there are no special designed tactics for favorites that me them win 100% matches

BUT there are good tactics that make you overarching(doing better than your media prediction) with any type of team

AND there are poor tactics that make you underachieve(doing worse than your media prediction) with any type of team

Check this -
DawidFM said: tested it after 23.3.3 and was 4th after 15 games with Man City. Maybe it needs some updates ?

The latest patches is 23.3.0.
TommyToxic said: I have watched a good part in 2D and can't see that it triggers very often or at all. Tactics with WCBs tend to have WBs, and the WBs never wait for the WCB to underlapp or overlapp, despite not being on attacking mentality. They WCBs still come more forward than a normal CB, but are rarely used to play One-Twos.

And that once again proves that the most descriptions and explanation in the game are vague and useless and the only way to find out how things works is to test it or watch how it works in 3D.
I guess the easiest and simplest way to find out it is watching few matches in 3D :)
Falbravv said: It's exact, but if you start to develop players with the best tactic in equal conditions, so you start with 4 points in front of everyone :angel:

if you don't play with the strongest team in the league and if we take take a standard season of 38 matches then there's like 25 pts RNG so you really won't notice that 4 points difference, it will be overwhelmed with the RNG
Pip said: Wow looks good. If I wanted to sdjust so a stricker was target for corners will that work? If so which Striker to target?


Just check which central defender stand on the near post and far post and then replace him with your striker.
Floppyaams said: I have a question. So this tactic outscores the previous no.1 by 4 points. and ofc getting points is much harder in these tests than in a normal game. So how does a 4 point difference translate in an actual game.

And ofc, congratulations on regaining top stop!

The result still can go down after it gets 5,760 matches test

I'd say a 4 points difference is nothing, just look at these tests:

As you can see FM is more about having the best attributes than having the best tactic :)
@White Europe, there's no need in using a custom skin as I said you can add CA to any view with the default skin but of course, you need the official in-game editor enabled to do that.

White Europe said: Is there a skin that You can see CA and PA of a player without using editor? And is it possible to add it to squad view to compare players?

As far as I know if you have the official in-game editor enabled then you can configurate the default skin to view CA/PA. You just need to add CA/PA to a view like any other stats attributes, they should be available for adding.
Tsubasa said: Ronald Araujo scored 38 goals from corners so I think it means that the corners worked very well

That number is crazy because in real life most strikers score less than that
Shameno said: Mr.Tornado  - its new tactic or what? Where can i find it?

No, it isn't a new tactic. People just call an additional testing "Tornado". :D
KBB said: Which position is best for corner taker in this tactic? Do the full backs take them? Does slecting your best taker limit the positive impact of the corner routine? Seeing some people with 30 or 40 goals from their big defender which is insane.

I think the defensive wingers and shadow strikers would be the best positions to take the corners.
KBB said: Hi everyone. First Post on here thanks to lurking looking at tactics a this thread in particular. Sorry for the newbie question I have about to ask.

Im using the 4 diamond 2 formation currently number 1 in the testing table for reference and playing the level 10 English database, currently my club is at level 10.

Without using any filters on Fmscout I have a player who is not a FB at all but a DM or AMC on the player profile, however FMscout rates him as my best FB at my club on the position % buy a clear distance. He is rated 49% FB and the next highest player only 32% fullback. Why is this? Should it be ignored and him used as a DM or should I put him in at fullback if thsts what the FMscout says?

Sorry for the question.

Thank you for reading


There've been many tests of the attributes.

Follow the links bellow and you'll find out which attributes and at what degree  affects the result
FreddyAdu said: Some tactics are very specific about what positions should take the corners to not mess up the routine so I just wanted to make sure.

If you want to be safe then put the Defensive Wingers or Shadow Striker to take the corners.
FreddyAdu said: Who should take the corners?
Usually, a player with the highest "Take Corners" attribute

FreddyAdu said: and with left or right foot?
I really don't think it's worth being that geeky about it. :blink:
@chef, I think you really need to provide some facts.

I mean, if you're 5 or 10 seasons in the future then you can shows us what players top clubs have.

For example, many top clubs including Man City, PSG, Liverpool and others start the game having 160CA-180CA players and if after 10 seasons into the future they having 130CA-150CA players then it might be an issue.
AG said: winger with oposite strong leg? is it better than same side same strong leg?

Their preferred foot isn't important, can be any.
Guidito said: What should the preferred foot of the DWs be?
It isn't important, can be any.

Guidito said: I can re-train AML/AMR to ML/MR but both of them are inside forwards (right foot on left and vice versa) and have the 'cut inside' trait.
Yes, you can.

Guidito said: Can someone tell me how the DWs behave?

They play like normal wingers 99% of time but it's just when it comes to the defensive phase they're a bit more defensive than normal wingers and that's all.